Prof-UIS Plus 1 UI Design Service

There are a lot of Programming Consultants in the marketplace. Finding one that provides quality results at a reasonable price point is time consuming. ProfWizards provides designs for those hard or unusual problems. We use our Wizards for producing our product...


The Best way to proceed is to Contact Us and submit a design.
Then when the design is agreed upon to make the purchased
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Prof-UIS MFC Library and UI Design for the Price of the Library $445.00

Send up an overview of your project before submitting. We will need to approve the scope of the project before we start..


What ProfWizards will Provide

  • ProfWizards will build a Dialog, SDI, or MDI Layout. This will include the Menu, Toolbar, or Ribbon interface.
  • ProfWizards has two standard Backstage layouts, Graphics and Simple Dialog.
  • The Layout of the Dialog Sub-Sections includes the Sub-Sections Menus, Toolbars or Ribbons.
  • The Sub-Sections can be: Dialogs Boxes, List Boxes, Grids, and Graphics areas. These sections can be tabbed, buttoned or program switched.
  • Show us your layout with a prototype, a sketch, or a description.
  • ProfWizards will provide Icons from our Icon Library.
  • If additional Icons are required, you must supply them.
  • You must supply all graphical controls.

What ProfWizards will delivery

ProfWizards will deliver a GUI with all of the functionality that you request and that we agree to provide. All of the controls will have a function that receives all inputs or displays all data. This GUI will be tested at 100, 125,and 150 percent.


ProfWizards will use our standard Design Components when they are available. All design components are the property of ProfWizards and The Software Establishment LLC. ProfWizards will use our wizards to Design Components where applicable. ProfWizards will use all designs to test our Wizards.


We will not provide or disclose your main or proprietary screens unless required to do so by a lawful court order. We will notify you of any such order and provide you or your attorney with the order.



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Once we receive your payment, we will send you email confirmation within the next 24-48 hours and give you access to the download area.

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